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    Annette Paez

    Hello, I’m Annette from El Paso, Tx. I started weaving a couple of years back but would take a class then life would get in the way.  I wouldn’t weave for quite a while, so by the time I would weave, I had lots of questions and no one to ask. (No weavers in this part of Texas.) So these videos have made my weaving life sooooo much easier. Lots of moments where I think, that’s where I went wrong! I’m so glad to be part of this guild!

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    Kath Gerrard

    Hi – I’m in Luton, England (about 30 miles North of London). I have a 32inch 4-shaft Ashford table loom with the stand and treadles. I have been weaving for almost  year and am excited to join the Online Guild- Jane’s tutorials are so helpful and are giving me lots of confidence to develop my skills and try new techniques. I am currently weaving an overshot scarf reading the draft from Handwoven magazine- I never thought I would be able to get the hang of that! Thank you, Jane!



    Hi Gale,
    I just read your post. I too am from Ontario, Toronto. I have already reached that time when I can no longer get under the loom but I solved the problem a different way which might interest you. I purchased the Leclerc Compact which is virtually the same as a Baby Wolf. If you fold up the loom so that the back beam is out of the way, you can sit at a low stool and tie up from there. My arthritic hands would not be happy with a 16 shaft table loom. Happy weaving for many years to come.


    Debbie Hadfield

    Greetings to all,


    Debbie here –  I live in southwestern PA in a borough called Thornburg. While in a knitting guild, I participated in a make and take at a weaving cabin in Harmony PA. I had the opportunity to create a rug that day and that is the day the weaving bug bit me. One of the members in the knitting guild had a loom that she was getting ready to sell. I had told of my weaving adventure and the lady inquired whether I would be interested in purchasing her loom, a mighty wolf loom. That was three years ago, it’s the best purchase that I have ever made. She also provided books and thread to use with the loom. Recently, a fiber group that I am a current member of organized a group to participate in a county fair fleece to shawl event. Our team took third place and the first team to weave the required 80″, we had a second team from our fiber group that took 4th place and their shawl was also 80″.

    As I look forward to expanding my knowledge of weaving I found Jane Stafford online guild and decided to give it a try. I have learn new tips and reinforced what I currently know in regards to warping a loom.






    I am Christina and live on a small farm just outside of Chicago, in Illinois, USA.  I just started weaving- maybe 2 months ago. I had signed up for the online guild a while back, but found myself feeling oddly intimidated by setting up the loom and such. I took a short class with a local instructor on a two harness loom, and that is all it took….no more fear! Figured out how to assemble my, new to me, 45” counterbalance loom and now I am a weaving fool. I find it mind blowing, since I have been a knitter for years, that it is all in the setup, and once heddled and sleyed, bam, there appears the pattern before my eyes. I still can’t believe I don’t have to “do” something to make that happen 😂.

    I will probably be here a lot asking oodles of questions 😊 I love the guild episodes- they are so easy to follow, methodical and crystal clear.

    Thank you!


    Ila McCallum

    Hello!  I am Ila McCallum and live in Woodburn, Oregon in the beautiful Willamette Valley. I have been weaving for 8 years or so and  love it.  So glad to have had a friend recommend this online guild to me.  Loving it!  I have watched Season 1 videos and learned so-o-o-o much.  On to Season 2–my order of the yarn kits will soon be here! Can’t wait!



    Hi, I’m Linda from southern Maryland in the US.  I spent my last three college credits on a weaving class in 1984 and have been weaving off and on since then, along with knitting, spinning, and dyeing.  My main loom is a 40″ 10 shaft Macomber plus I have several others ranging from a 24″ Baby Mac, a 16″ Louet Jane table loom to rigid heddles, inkle, and bandweaving looms.  I’m enjoying this online course very much and have picked up several new-to-me techniques and tricks, especially using rubber bands while taking the warp off a board and winding multiple ends at a time.  I’m usually not very organized but have started a binder notebook for the PDFs with my notes on them to keep them all in one place instead of in the dozen or so steno notepads I have scattered all over the house.

    Now on to sleying the color-and-weave sample!


    Kathleen Garvey

    Hi, my name is Kath,I live in County Durham, North East of England. I am 68 years old. I love must things crafty. Quilting Crocheting knitting and Weaving and Spinning. I only took up weaving last year with a Rigid Heddle Loom. Which I loved, but wanted to be able to create more patterns. I would have liked a floor loom but that is not in my future right now, so I purchased a 32” 8 shaft Ashford Table loom. Which I love. I badly need to get the stand to go with it as using it on a table is not so comfortable because the height is not correct. Plus the stand allows you to have 4 treadles which would be great for 4 shaft patterns.

    I am looking forward to start watching Janes videos. I have seen a few on YouTube which were very good so I no I won’t be disappointed.

    Happy Weaving





    Hi! I’m Jody from Marquette,  MI on the shore of Lake Superior. I love ALL things fiber and whereas self-taught knitting,  spinning and dyeing went relatively smooth,  weaving did not!  I’m so,  so grateful for the online guild here.  I’m moving forward with confidence and enjoyment! Thank you!



    Hello, I’m Gale from Petrolia, Ontario. I learned to spin in New Zealand while backpacking there & in Australia for a year. Once home & taking further lessons I saw students at looms & the rest is history. I have a 45″ 4 harness Le Clerc, 8 harness Baby Wolf & recently added an Ashford 16 harness table loom for the time coming soon when I can no longer crawl under the loom.

    I heard Jane speak at a seminar many years ago & have been a fan ever since. On my bucket list was a trip to Salt Spring Island for a week long class. Jane, I’m sorry I couldn’t take classes in person, but these on line classes are just the ticket. Look forward to seeing you in October at the OHS Conference.

    Cheers, Gale



    I’m Linda, from Colorado Springs.  I have been weaving sporadically for about 6 years; self/video taught.  Over the years I have developed some bad habits and with practice and Jane’s teaching that is beginning to change.  I recently retired and this online guild was a gift from my husband.  I have a Schacht Standard 8 shaft, a 4 shaft Baby Wolf, and an Ashford rigid heddle loom, three spinning wheels, several sewing machines and enough fabric/yarn/fiber to cover most of the state.




    My name is Ellen and I own a small farm in the Michigan Thumb (just north of Detroit).  We raise Romeldale CVM sheep and angora rabbits.  I knit, spin, and am excited to learn to weave.  I have a Union Rug loom, gifted to me by the original owners granddaughter, and a Gallinger floor loom.  I have already watched much of season one, and am excited to get started on my next project.



    Hi there, I am a weaving newbie from the frozen north, but fortunate enough to spend my winter in Sunny Arizona.

    Bought a rigid heddle last August and made the leap to a Baby Wolf about a month ago.

    I am so incredibly happy that I found this guild before I had a chance to learn any more bad habits than I already had.

    This has been quite the learning curve for me. Loving everything.  <3






    Like several others on this forum, I am newly retired and new to weaving.  This instruction is awesome!

    I am in Green Bay, Wisconsin.



    Hi, I’ve been weaving for about 10 years. Now have an 8-shaft Baby Wolf and 8-shaft Glimakra as well as an inkle loom.

    I learned to weave in Seattle, WA, where I also was a member of the Seattle Weavers Guild. After moving to Bahrain and not finding any active weavers, I started having “guild withdrawal symptoms”. A chance search netted me Sarah Resnick’s podcast “Weave” led me to the episode with Jane….

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