Leclerc brake issue

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    Keri Campbell

    Thank you Jacqueline and Ginette, I appreciate your help! I have seen turnbuckles on other looms, maybe I am missing that bit, and that’s perhaps preventing the coil from releasing enough? And Ginette, so true about the spray making it slippery, I’m glad I didn’t go ahead and just try that! I suppose the one quasi-good thing here is that if I have to actually change that piece, I will get a chance to try winding on front to back rather than back to front, as I have already managed to get my warp on there ( it seems to be okay for he winding on part just not the other direction🙄😀), so more practice for me! Lol



    Hi Keri, not sure how old your loom is, but as Jacqueline mentions about the turnbuckle, I’ve seen some Leclerc looms with turnbuckles and some with just the spring. Either one, check to make sure that they are in good condition.

    I wouldn’t spray lubricant on the brake system as it will make it too slippery.

    If the metal coil (it’s called brake circle just in case you do order one) looks like it’s been well used, rusted or not perfectly rounded you could replace that part. They come all coiled up and you have to place them making sure that the coil doesn’t unravel in any way.

    I’ve replaced this brake circle on a couple of Fanny looms when they were having problems but do check on the spring or turnbuckle first as that could be the problem and your brake circle may be just fine. Those brake circles do last for many many years actually.



    Hi Keri,
    I have a Leclerc Fanny and every once in awhile I experience the same problem.
    I have found that the tension on the brake is not always tight enough. I have put a turnbuckle on the brake (through the hook on the brake peddle at the front then attach the rope to the other end of buckle that goes to an S hook under the metal coil that is attached to the spring) so when it happens I can just tighten it up a bit and be on my way.

    Hope this helps!


    Keri Campbell

    does anyone have any suggestions at all about how to get the brake of my Leclerc floor loom to allow me to wind my warp forward as I am weaving it? It was all fine as i was winding the warp onto the back beam, but then, after it was all threaded etc it does not just allow me to wi d the warp forward. I have the manual, it is set up ok, i’ve had a lady who is experienced with looms look at it before I started to make sure the pieces were in the correct places, but, it seems that the metal coil that wraps around as a tension brake just won’t loosen enough when the bake is released. Would a bit of silicone spray help, or would that create another problem? 

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