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    I am a new weaver and I weave on an older Leclerc counterbalance loom. that I recently pulled out of  years of storage. I think it is the Mira. My grandmother gave me the loom 30 years ago, and I would assume that she owned it for a very long time before she gifted it to me. I have woven a few projects on the loom and I am becoming more comfortable, but despite my learning I run into similar issues with each project.

    I have a similar problem with every warp, as the warp progresses the outside threads on the warp become very loose. I have incorporated many techniques from the online guild and when the warp is wound on, it has good tension, but as I get closer to the end of the warp it becomes unmanageable and the selvages become an issue and I am constantly trying to weight and correct the issue, and nothing really works that well. It gets so frustrating that I am always tempted to take the project off and abandon it.  I am wondering if it could be that there is slippage around the back rod? Do counterbalance looms need special consideration?



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