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      New feature, Speed Control! You can now slow down or speed up Jane 🙂

      Click on the ‘setting’ icon at the bottom right corner of the video and choose your speed.

      speed control[2003]


        Is there any way the replies in the forum could align with the people actually involved?  All responses come up as new postings when I look at them, and it’s very hard to follow a conversation thread.  Thank you!


          Joy – I moved your question on hemming to a Forum topic called “Hemming” – you’ll find it below on the first page of Forum topics – so others could easily see your question and pitch in with their own solutions to the hemming question 😉


            Thank you Sandra, I was wondering if I had somehow reset my preferences. That answers the query and I will carry on as always!


              Hi Deb, what you see is what we get, for now.  Hopefully at some point down the road we’ll be able to do upgrades on the Forum.  Right now, however, the energy is focused on getting the best episodes possible out to everyone.


                I hope this is the place to ask this question – I wonder if i can change the order of the messages as they appear for the various topics? Every time I get a link to somebody’s message and I click on it I go to whatever page it says it is, ie page 8, but the newest messages appear on Page 1 for me, so I always need to choose pg 1 to see the referred to message. Does that make sense?

                thanks for any help,


                Beth Napper

                  Sandra, I ended up sizing my photos to 770 KB and that seemed to be about right. Thanks for your assistance.

                  Beth Napper

                    Thanks, Sandra. I think you might be right. I will try that.


                      Hi Beth,  I’ve checked with those “in the know” and the maximum size per photo is 5 MB.  Apparently you can add as many as you want to a post, as long as none of them exceed that size.  Can you give it a try again and if you are successful, I’ll add that information to the FAQs.

                      Beth Napper

                        I am having problems posting images. When I click on the insert image button, then drag and drop my pictures  I can’t get back to the post to “submit”.


                          How do you find the PDF’s?

                          When you click on the online guild episodes and then click on the lesson you want, you’ll find the episode’s PDF for download just below the video. Click to download.

                          jst new PDF spot



                          Where do I find the complete index of all episodes and PDFs?

                          If you look above the current JST Online Guild episode page you will find the JST Online Guild Index (organized by year) plus a list of all the PDFs  to date.

                          Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.06.27 PM


                          Problems with Video Playback

                          Alastair has put together some notes about video playback of Online Guild Episodes. If you have any issues or have managed to resolve your own problems with video playback, please post your question as a separate comment.

                          The video plays but I can’t hear any audio:

                          The video player within your web browser has it’s own volume control.  Move the cursor over the video and you should see the volume indicator located next to the HD button at the bottom right of the video. Clicking the rightmost bar of the volume indicator will set the volume to maximum. Make sure that you don’t have your computer’s volume set to maximum when doing this!


                          The video playback is choppy or interrupted:

                          Try changing the playback quality. This can be done by moving the cursor over the video and clicking ‘HD’ at the bottom right of the video. Change the playback quality to the lowest quality setting, ‘360p’. If the playback is smooth, try moving to a higher setting.


                          I’m using the lowest video quality setting and the video playback is still choppy:

                          It may be that your Internet connection isn’t fast enough or suited to video streaming. We use Vimeo to stream our videos. Vimeo suggests a minimum bandwidth of around 2 – 5 Mbps for the lowest quality streaming video.

                          You can test your bandwidth by visiting SpeedTest and running its speed test. If your bandwidth is below 5 Mbps then your connection may need to be upgraded. At this point you should speak with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see what options are available to you.


                          Problems viewing the episodes: video stops and goes blank,  video keeps trying to load or asking to log in when already logged:

                          Make your browser perform a “hard refresh” – https://howtohardrefresh.com/ – and then try viewing the episode you experienced problems with.

                          If that doesn’t work could you then try “clearing your browser’s cache” – https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic – then perform a “hard refresh”. Then try to view the episode.

                          Trying a different web browser might also help. For example, if you usually use Chrome then try using Firefox instead.


                          Ad-Blocking software

                          Ad-blocking software caused a problem with one member’s ability to view the episodes – once it was removed, her problem was solved.


                          How do I deal with photos?

                          Uploading a Profile Picture

                          ·      Your profile picture has to be uploaded to http://en.gravatar.com/

                          ·      First, you’ll need to create an account at http://en.gravatar.com/

                          ·      Once at the Gravatar website, click the “Sign In” button and create an account.

                          ·      When creating an account, make sure to use the same email address that you use on the Online Guild forums.

                          ·      Once you’ve uploaded your photo to Gravatar then it will auto-magically appear on the Online Guild forums.


                          Inserting an image to your post

                          Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.09.53 AM



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