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      Kathleen McDonald

        I went and investigated the Irwin Quick Grip Bar Clamps that Jane used in Episode 4, to clamp the tabletop mill to a table/bench. Those appear to be the 6″ or 8″ size.  While in the hardware store (I love hardware stores) I discovered that these bar clamps come in a mini version.  They cost around $21.00 for a pair – and so I bought them mainly because I thought they were cute, but soon discovered a very practical use for them – clamping the raddle to the top (castle) of my LeClerc Mecco loom, to set up for warping from back to front.  The ‘mouth’ of these clamps open quite wide to accomodate the width of the raddle and the wood castle.  Also the bar on the mini clamp slips nicely between the spaces in the raddle, and the handle grips don’t get in the way.










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          In our area (Michigan), the blue Irwin clamps can be found at Lowe’s. The similar yellow clamps found at Home Depot (sorry, I don’t remember the name) are not as good. We use the 12″ clamps which are about $15 a pair. I have used the smaller clamps as cone holders in the center cross bars of the warping mill to leave yarns in wait (although they may make the mill go alignment when warping at warp speed 😉 ). These clamps are invaluable. I own a shop and they are used as rigid heddle pegs and to clamp the loom to the table, to hold raddles, to hold mills, to keep inkle looms from wandering while warping and other things. Worth every penny and then some!

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            I have also found similar clamps at Harbor Freight at VERY reasonable prices.  I use them for clamping a variety of things to tables and find that they work very well, thoug you should always be sure to use big enough clamps.  The smaller clamp may fit, but may not hole if the strett against is is too great.

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