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      Joslyn Wilson


        New weaver here! I am on towel number three of the huckleberry waffle kit. I am supposed to switch between steel blue waffle 9 picks then 5 picks opal plain weave. I have floating selvages.
        Do I start and end each coloured thread for each stripe, or carry them up the sides?
        If I want to carry them, how do I do that with a floating selvage. All my ends are dips. Do I do a double dive each time my thread meets the opposite colour but has to keep going?
        I have tried looking through all of Jane’s resources but am not finding an answer.
        Thanks so much


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          Hi Joslyn – don’t worry about diving the dip, etc. when using a floating selvedge.  Just make sure you are capturing your floating selvedge on both sides of your cloth as you weave.  I personally might carry a float up a few picks, but I would cut it and tuck it in if I were weaving a block of colour.  It just makes for a cleaner selvedge.  Have fun, it looks like a great kit!

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          Maria Lyons

            How many towels does the huckleberry kit make?

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            Joslyn Wilson

              Hi Maria

              The kit makes 9 towels- one of each patten design. However, I did have to modify the colour schemes a bit because there wasn’t enough of some of the colours, and too much of others, to follow Jane’s patterns exactly. But,  they turned out beautiful and were a real joy to weave. I learned a lot following Jane’s easy-to-follow instructions.

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