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      Susan Canning

        So I have a basic question as I’m a newbie loom weaver (I have woven 15 metres of plain weave in 3 different warps and 1 x 5 metres of variable twills from my Craftsy course)

        I bought the Huck weave tea towel kit and I need to know what “tabby” is. Do I weave a shot of plain weave in between the ABABABA lace pattern?

        I just don’t understand how you can have a lace pattern is some boxes that is then framed by plain weave.

        Would you mind answering? I guess I could just go along and make the warp & dress the loom and treadle by the instructions but I don’t understand how the pattern is actually made.


        a frustrated newbie

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          Hi Susan,
          Tabby is another name for plain weave. With all laces you can frame your A and B units with plain weave.
          Wherever you have just 1 and 4 threaded you will only have plain weave weaving in that area. All the places where you have
          12121 which is an A alternating with 43434 which is a B will be weaving in Lace.
          When you treadle the tabby treadles you will have plain weave from selvedge to selvedge. When you treadle the A / B alternating section you will have Lace woven in the areas that are threaded.

          There is nothing like ‘proceeding’ forward and then observing what is happening.

          Hope this helps,

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          Susan Canning

            thanks Jane for the prompt answer; I figured it had to do with the threading of the treadles but I couldn’t envision it.

            I wanted to make really great tea towels for gifts and didn’t want to screw them up!

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