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    Thank you Kathleen!

    I haven’t wound my warp yet. As soon as I divided the warp in the raddle and noticed my error, I walked away.

    I’ll add the two warp ends and then wind on.

    Thanks again!



    kathleen ready

    My advice for what it’s worth 😁, if you have already wound the warp onto the back beam and it is really long, instead of unwinding and adding those 2 threads hang the 2 threads off the back with some weights. Just don’t make them the last 2 threads but place them on the inside of the set next to the denting. The reason being those 2 threads if they are at the edge may not have the same tension as the other edge, resulting in unevenness.

    If its a short warp, just one  scarf , complete the process of threads through the reed, tie up onto front apron and then unwind your warp and add the 2 threads and wind back on.

    I’ve done both cause I don’t know how to count, or I’m not paying attention.



    Please forgive me if this has been covered, I’m struggling to find the right search terms. And just discovered I can’t count :/

    I have wound my warp and spread it in the raddle (btf). I am warping for the Denting sample. My outside color stripe is short two ends.

    Should I wind a two thread warp and try and beam it on with the rest of the warp? Or should I just hang two ends off the back after beaming, like repair warps? (similar to how we replaced the zinger in Asymmetry sample)

    Thanks for any and all advice!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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