How do you throw an end feed shuttle?

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    Ginette,  Thank you for your answer.  I have a birthday gift Bluster Bay end feed shuttle and no website or you tube site answers how to weave, only how to wind a pirn.  I’m excited to use it and another weaver had told me to turn it each throw so that the fiber comes off the “end.”  That just seemed inefficient.  So glad to get your answer.



    Hi jettygoose,

    With my Schacht end feed shuttle the yarn comes off the side at the end of the shuttle and just weave back and forth without turning it around. I adjust the tension to accommodate the yarn so that just enough comes off with each throw. Have you checked the manufacturer’s website of your shuttle for some instructions?



    Do you always have the fiber coming off the back end of the shuttle like a tail, honex on the right or the left;  or do you just throw it back and forth not turning it so that sometimes the fiber is trailing  (honex tensioner) and next pick the fiber is sort of leading.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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