How do you fix your mistakes?

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        I am an absolute beginner, weaving on an ancient Fanny floor loom.  Overall, I am really happy with how nicely things are going.  I have some questions about how weavers fix mistakes (or maybe you don’t make any, not sure).  On my first towel, I noticed that several stitches were missed in one row.  It was too far back for me to unweave it, so I left it.  The skipped stitch in the picture isn’t super far back, but do you usually unweave it, or leave it?  My threading is correct; a warp thread just ended up hung up I guess.

        Secondly, I did an 8 yard warp.  I had some trouble with tangling and broke two threads in different places.  I tied them together.  Now, as I approach one of them I will be in the middle of a towel.  Do you advance and waste that section of warp?  Or can it be fixed within the towel?


        The second picture is just to show that overall things are going okay.

        Thanks for your thoughts.




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          Hi Carrie – it’s time for you to go back and review Episode 3 – Good Weaving Technique.  Just past the 24 minute mark you’ll find Jane demonstrating how to repair a broken warp thread.

          I suspect your skips are as a result of uneven tension – I know when I’ve had them – it’s because my tension wasn’t even across my warp.  You can fix them before you wash/finish them by taking a piece of weft and hand weaving it in where it should be giving extra length on either side of your skip.  Once you’ve finished it, you’ll hardly know it’s there.  BTW – I don’t know a weaver who hasn’t had skips or still doesn’t occasionally.  You certainly are not alone!

          Your sample is looking great!

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            Thanks for your reply Sandra.  I will look back at that episode and then look up how to fix the skips.  I am really having fun with this and may even attempt changing the sett!

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