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    Hi Joy, I moved your question over to a “hemming” thread so that others could easily see your question.

    When I weave “cup” towels (I weave a little over double the depth of the tuck in I want for each towel.  At the halfway mark between the towels I throw in a bright contrasting colour of larger yarn – like a bit of 8/4.  When my towels are off the loom I zigzag across the hems on both towels, and cut them apart along that contrasting yarn.  I then should have a secure section of sewing thread hem that will lie flat between the two layers of the towel.

    Maybe others will share their methods of finishing their hems.


    Joy Sceviour

    Jane —

    Greetings from Newfoundland.  I am a little bit behind in sampling, but I am trying to create tea towels (called cup towels in NL) for the first time.  I am using 2/16 cotton yarn doubled in both the warp and weft.  Everything is going along fine and I will send a photo when the 4 are done.  But…………..I have a question.  I am concerned about the hems.  I have read that, if I want a fairly thin, not bulky, hem, I should weave about 1 – 2 inches with sewing cotton first.  I have done this.  I have woven 1 1/4 inches with the single sewing cotton.  When it comes time to start folding under, I don’t want these threads to show.  I only want the 2/16 cotton to show.  Can you tell me how to go about this?




    Hi Barbara, Jane answered under your other thread 🙂






    This is probably a silly question.  I am hemming my last 2 sets of guild samples (12 towels) and I have allowed too much length for the hem.  Instead of Jane’s recommended one inch allowance, I have left 2″.  I cut off the excess and have turned them under, pinned and I am ready to hem.  My question-do I need to zig zag the turned under part again since I cut off the excess which included the zig zag stitch.  With repeated washings will the ends unravel under the turned hem?  (I am hand hemming  all of the towels.)

    Thanks for the advice,

    Barbara Z

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