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      Tracy Fillion

        I’m weaving 8/2 cotton warp, 12 epi – trying for a light weight gauze scarf.  The tension looks good while weaving, the cloth that has been advanced is looking like this!!the second picture is under the beam, about to be rolled.  What is happening? Thank you!



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          Tracy, my feeling is that your sett is too open for an 8/2 weft on an 8/2 warp.  Did you check Jane’s Master Sett Chart when you were planning it or do a ruler wrap to work out your sett?  Jane recommends 16 epi to get what you are looking for. You might be able to use a heavier yarn as your weft to get a more balanced fabric, but it might not end up being gossamer.  Is your warp long enough to cut it and dent it at 16 epi to see if it’s easier to manage?

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