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        What do you guys generally use for header yarn? Despite peering closely at Jane’s videos, I can’t quite figure out what she does. Is it best to use some scrap yarn that’s hanging around, or pieces of cloth, or something else? If yarn, should it be thicker than what I’m going to use for the fabric I’m making?

        One other small question: Do you happen to know in which episode Jane makes a comment about iridescence? It’s during one of the more recent season 4 episodes, but I can’t seem to find it now. I want to listen to what she said again.

        Many thanks.

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        Nina Kennedy

          Seems to me that I remember Jane saying that she doesn’t use a particular header yarn – she just starts weaving with the weft yarn she is using for the particular project. However I may be wrong about that. As for me, I most often do that but occasionally I use some squishy wool I may have lying around if for some particular reason I feel I have to use a header.

          I do recall that she said something about iridescence but unfortunately can’t remember where it was. Have you tried using the index (although I don’t know if they have indexed season 4 yet).

          Update: I tried using the Beta index to look up iridescence but nothing came up.

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