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        Hi Jane

        I am just going to start a blanket in the Quebecoise 2 ply and when I checked the sett on the ruler it looks like I should warp at either 8 or 10 dents per inch. Would you recommend the 8 as the wool will fluff up after washing. both the warp and weft will be woven from the Quebecoise 2 ply.

        Can you also tell me the episode where you presented the chenille shawl. I just loved it. I was wondering why you don’t carry chenille any longer, is there a problem with it.

        I have to mention that I also attended the Banff School of Fine Arts, 2 Year Weaving Program from Sept 1976 to June 1977. Our instructor was Mary Snider and I also took from lessons from Mary Andrews at her home. I think she gave us classes in Summer and Winter or Overshot. I haven’t woven for the past 30 years but just retired and started again. I absolutely love your on-line courses and am currently working through Season 2. Can’t wait to come to Salt Spring this fall and meet you. Thank you for all your advice and help.







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          Hi Kathleen,

          You can weave the Quebecois at 6-8 EPI for plain weave and 8-10 EPI for twill. Depending on how much fulling you will do, you might want to do a bit of sampling to get the right sett for your blanket.

          The episode that the chenille scarf is in is 2.1.5 at the 23:05 mark. This chenille is amazing and there’s nothing wrong with it. It weave beautifully.

          Welcome back to weaving by the way!

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