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      Vivian Wasiuta

        Hi I’m looking for advice on fulling and finishing merino scarves. This is the first time I’ve woven wool with the exception of the collapse weave scarves. The scarves are 2/18 merino woven in twill at 18 epi, 18 ppi. I’ve reviewed the video on fulling mohair and tried to find relevant posting on the online forum but haven’t found what I’m looking for. I want the scarves to be as soft and drapey as possible. Should I be doing anything besides washing and fulling the scarves? Jane mentioned she brushes Shetland. Do you advise brushing merino? How do I ensure the scarves are as rectangular as possible?
        Thank you.

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          You wash them them in warm water with a bit of gentle soap, with very little agitation.  If you are a knitter – you would wash them the way you would your wool knitting – mostly soaking to help all the threads to gently secure themselves in place.  I wrap my scarves in a towel to remove the excess weight of the water before hanging them up to dry.  They should be straight, but you can gently pull them in the direction you want.  As for the brushing – do you have a sample you can practice on?  The merino is a soft yarn, you may not need to – but since I’ve never tried – I’d check it out on a sample!

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          Ed Chapman

            I weave a lot of 18/2 merino and it’s my favorite yarn by far. I soak my weavings in warm water in the kitchen sink using a small amount of Woolite. I have also been experimenting with shampoo/conditioners… I mean wool is hair right? The trick really is minimal agitation and no temperature shocking.

            I am also experimenting with handspun extra-fine merino- and having a blast blending my own colors using a hackle before spinning. Man does it take a long time to make a ball of 2 ply 24 wraps-per-inch handspun!

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