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        I am trying to find if Jane demonstrates repairing/removing a float while fabric is either still on the loom but too far back to undo everything and when off the loom?

        I reviewed the Finishing videos from Season 1 and she quickly mentions repairing floats but do you know if she demonstrates it anywhere? I have also checked the Knowledge Base but didn’t see anything there. Thanks!

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          Hi Jacqueline,

          There’s a little video in the making, still in editing stage, showing a similar technique and I think it’ll be out next month in the JST Newsletter in the ‘It’s the Little Things’. That’s not going to help you today but I’ll explain it.

          You’re right, it’s much easier to repair a float while it’s on the loom under tension. If your float is in the weft, you want to take a small length of the same weft yarn and thread a needle. Where the float is, start a few inches to the right of it and follow the path of the weft with the float and work your way to 2 inches to the left pass the float mistake, catching the missed threads on your way. Leave the float there and continue on weaving. When you’ve washed your fabric, then you can cut the float mistake and trim off it’s ends and the ends of the repair thread.

          If your float is in the warp, you can do the exact same thing.

          Hope this makes sense


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            Thank you Ginette, that is very helpful and I look forward to the video!

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