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      Khabira Wise


        I bought some Euroflax from you thinking I would use it for napkins, but watching one of the videos you mentioned that you would not put Euroflax in the dryer, so I’m thinking it may not be appropriate for napkins? I also saw in a Helpine question where a woman mentioned she put her woven Euroflax item in the freezer after fulling?!

        If the Euroflax is not appropriate for napkins, what would it be suited for?

        And/or, what yarn would you recommend for napkins?

        Cottolin: I also bought some of this. Recommded uses? Suitable for the elusive napkins?

        Cottolin Sett: In your Master Sett Chart it says,”All Setts above would apply.” The “setts above” are 2/8 Cotton and the Cottolin is 2/22 so I wanted to double check. Would I in fact sett EPI/PPI at 18 for tea towels (or napkins)?

        Thanks so much!!

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          Oh Gee….the real problem is linen and dryers.  I like nice crisp linen,  and dryers soften it and make it limp.  I do use Euroflax all the time in napkins and tea towels.  I wash them in the machine and I put them in the dryer for maybe 1 minute to get them warm.  I have a folding drying rack and after that minute is up in the dryer I snap them open, smooth the hem and selvedges between my thumb and pointer finger and then I hang them on the rack.  I don’t have to press them then.  I just fold them up and they look great.  I love them and they last forever.

          Louet has really designed Euroflax for the knitting world and they say that you can throw the garments in the dryer… it is just my fussiness around linen that prevents me from doing it.  All my clothes are linen and I treat them all the same way.  They go in the dryer for that 1 minute to get warm and then I immediately hang them to dry and I don’t have to iron them.

          Make your napkins out of that Euroflax, your lips will feel special everytime you dab your mouth :). The first time you wash them….throw them in the dryer and you’ll see what I’m talking about, the 2nd time you wash them try the other method and see which one you like better.  My ideas aren’t right, they are just how I like to do it and you might like the dryer method better and that is awesome.  It is all good!

          I do treat cottolin the same way in regards to sett as 2/8 cotton. If you remember in the episode on yarns where I talk about the count system and how confusing it can be, I mention that if the yarn looks the same size that is good enough for me. Cottolin and 2/8 cotton look the same size. The yardage difference is so minimal I treat them the same. On Thursday when the first episode of this season comes out we continue talking about sett and I have some great examples to show about opening up. You might love your cottolin at 16 after you see whats coming. 🙂

          Cheerio, Jane

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            Khabira Wise

              Thank you ever so much, Jane.

              Just a minute ago I had the super embarrassing thought that the one video I have not yet watched was the one on Yarns. Oh, Lordy, I thought, all these answers are probably there… so extra thanks, and I really appreciate the tutorial on linen care.


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            Ed Chapman

              I prefer cottolin (Brassard) for tea towels and have made a lot of them… always a much-loved gift and so useful.

              I routinely use a 12 dent reed and sett of 24 epi for twill and a 10 dent reed at 20 epi for plain weave and AB lace.

              Cottolin launders beautifully in the water and dryer, though I try and take them out of the dryer before they get completely dry and hang them for the remainder.

              Cottolin wears very well and we have towels that have been used/washed/used weekly for three years and are still going strong.

              I want to try pure linen soon. Interested in how your napkins turn out. Keep us posted.

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