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        i learn something new every episode, I just love your classes I have been telling new members at our guild that of all the online classes I have taken this is the one I recommend

        Thank you

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          I just finished watching 3, it’s just as awesome as the first two, I’m learning so much!   I love all the little tips, especially the ones about economy of movement and ergonomics.  I came back to knitting because of limiting physical issues, which led me to spinning, and now, rather late in life, to weaving.  Anything that can help me do this as long as I possibly can is priceless to me 🙂

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            The tone and content of these online guild videos are perfect for me as a learner.  I can pace myself, review details, watch subtle hand and body movements, and see common questions answered.  The new weaver segment put me on my bench, trying to develop the rhythmic pattern demonstrated.

            Each video also includes a light heartedness that puts me at ease.  I love the detail, and the basic knowledge as a foundation for future learning.  This series suits my needs, learning style, and budget.

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              I see that Jane is using the shoebox to manage the bobbin of silk as she is winding onto a pirn.  How is she managing the bobbins (on the floor) for the other fibers she demonstrated in the ball winding section of the video?

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