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        This month’s episode, Bob Keates introduces us to both PC and Mac versions of Fiberworks Weaving Design Software!

        Have you downloaded the software to be ready when the lesson airs? No purchase needed to download, it’s free to try it!

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          Hello Weaving Friends:  Thank you for this episode I have used this program for some time but the nuances escaped me.  I realize there is a lot more to learn.  My question is simple.  Is there a feature in this software to calculate materials needed etc. for a project you are planning?  I also have Weaveit Pro and found the calculation function to be most helpful.  I’ve searched the obvious places in Fiberworks but maybe it’s just not apparent to me.

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              Hi Chrysalis,

              If you go to cloth – Notes and Records, you can get a detail of how many heddles per shaft & colour thread count. I’m not certain on the calculation of materials as far as warp/weft amounts, I’m still exploring Fiberworks 🙂

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                I don’t believe there is, because Fiberworks steps up to the plate when your warp is ready for your loom.  I know there has been an Excel based warp and weft calculator around for years, and years 😏  Weavolution has one and if you google, you might find others.  I haven’t used any of them, so you should probably check their results and compare them the way Jane does using her Project Planning sheet.

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