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      Pat Longworth

        I don’t see in any of last year’s episodes anything about reading drafts.  I have a Jane Loom and have recently purchased a used Counter Balance for the projects in this year’s Colour and Weave.  The one book I have “Learning to Weave” by Debbie Somebody indicates that if you have a sinking shed loom, which the counter balance is, you are changing up the draft to read opposite.  I’m confused.  In the Asymmetry sample I am threading right to left so I am threading 1-2-3-4.  Should I be reversing that?

        Also in the pattern “Grant’s Shetland Blankets” I don’t see how much yarn you need to purchase.  Should I be able to figure that out myself?

        Loving the videos.  I am a visual (slow) learner and have watched some of them 3 and 4 times.  Forgive me for asking these questions if the answers are somewhere and I have missed them.


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          Good morning Pat – we’re all slow learners when learning a new craft, don’t be hard on yourself.  May I suggest that you go back to last year’s episodes and watch Episode 8 again – that will give you a better understanding of your looms.

          You don’t have to worry about threading your Asymmetry sample (or any of the Online Guild samples this year) – it’s plain weave and you just thread 1-2-3-4 and tie-up 1&3 and 2&4 (or lift those shafts together on the Jane).  It’s the simplest of weave structures and the one that has been woven on all manner of looms since the beginning of time.

          Grant’s Shetland Blanket – have you downloaded the PDF in Episode 5 on Project Planning 101 and reviewed that episode again?  Using episode 5 you’ll be able to figure out your yardage for the blanket.  You’ll need to do a bit of work to divide it up into the different colours you’ll need.  For instance, if you add up the number of ends of Topaz in the draft you’ll see that you need 28 ends.  Your warp according to your draft is 5 1/2 yards – so you multiply 28 x 5 1/2 to determine that you will need 154 yards of Topaz in your warp.  Work through the draft that way and if you add it all up you should end up with the yardage in each colour you need.

          You can find answers to some of the questions you’ll have on this journey on JST Helpline.  It’s an amazing resource and you can find the tab for it right under the Online Guild Forum tab on her website.  You can search it to find Q&As that others have asked Jane over the years.  If you can’t find your answer there or in the Online Guild, we’re here.  BTW – have you checked the Online Guild Index for episodes 1-10?  You can also find exactly where in last years episodes Jane has covered a certain question or topic you are in interested in.

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            Hi Pat, just to add to what Sandra said,

            Jane has put together a yarn requirement chart that was sent in the November Newsletter.  It’s a great handy chart of Jane’s favourite yarns!

            Here’s the link https:  https://janestaffordtextiles.com/november-2017-newsletter/

            Once on the newsletter, click on ‘Quick Yarn Requirement for Shetland, Mohair & Alpaca’ and a PDF file will download for you.  You would still need to figure out how many threads of each colour you want to use like Sandra explains, but the PDF will help you in the amounts of cones in total that you’ll need to make one blanket.


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