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      Ed Chapman

        This was the biggest project I have ever attempted- a 15 yard 100″ x 100″ coverlet for a queen-sized bed. It’s done. Joined and hemmed all by hand- no machine. I did it to see if I could do it.

        1. Even when using paper tape pinned to the work and a line by line pattern guide, I still messed up and broke the pattern so horrendously in one panel that it could not be joined to the other three without screaming, “look at how messed up I am.”.

        2. If you think a pick may have missed some threads, stop and check. Sometimes truly awful errors are not visible from the top.

        3. Cottolin and Shetland wool full A LOT. When a project is wide and long, the loss is pretty astounding. On the plus side, an inch or two over 100 inches, if spread out evenly during the joining process, vanishes during fulling.

        4. Don’t weave while angry, hung over, or tired.


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          WOW- beautifully done, Ed.  Take a 🙇 for having completed your personal challenge and having learned (and shared with us) some of your experience with your amazing coverlet. 👏👏👏

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          Ed Chapman

            Thanks Sandra!

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            kathleen ready

              That is very very nice. Looks like it will be really warm during winter. I can’t even imagine trying to accomplish such a large project.

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                  OMG Ed it’s gorgeous!

                  What a treasure.  BTW, love your #4 point 😉

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                    Wowie Zowie Ed,

                    That is an accomplishment and I love all your pointers.

                    You get a huge high 5.



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                    Ed Chapman

                      Jane, your “5” means a lot to me. Thanks again for your expertise, organized guidance, and common-sense approach to this craft! I am so glad I found this website.

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                        What a beautiful result! I knew it was going to be amazing and I was right. Thanks for letting us follow along and learn from your ‘highs and lows’…and I definitely agree with point #4!

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                        Ellen Black

                          That is GORGEOUS !

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                          Darlene Ochotta

                            Congrats Ed!

                            This looks like a Mt Everest of weaving projects – good on you for resourcefully meeting the challenges. Have fun at Mt Vernon!



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                            Summerhill Spinner

                              This is so inspiring. What did you decide to use for joining the panels? The wool or the cotton?

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                              Ed Chapman

                                SummerHillSpinner… I used the cottolin I was using for the tabby for two reasons. Its tricky sometimes to line up the pics on both panels perfectly and you have to make adjustments. The thinner yard is just easier to maneuver. Second, it does not abrade as badly as the wool does if pulled through lots of times.

                                I was very happy with the result. Don’t despair if it doesn’t line up perfectly… the wet finishing goes a long way to even everything out and the seams vanish for the most part. The hardest part of the whole project was threading the heddles so that one panel picked up where the next one left off while maximizing the width of my loom using a design with a wide repeat.

                                I still made a HORRENDOUS weaving error in one panel and had to scrap it. Its sitting in a closet rolled up awaiting becoming a bolster pillow once I learn how to sew on a machine reasonably well… but that’s next summer.


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