Countermarch loom treadle tie up.

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        I have just landed a 4 shaft Hollandia.  Fantastic loom!

        I have tied it up with tabby and  a 2/2 twill threading.

        But I want to do more so I was wondering if the system enables me to do a straight draw tie up

        Ie  treadle 1 = shaft 1  ~ treadle 2 = shaft 2 etc.

        On a jack loom I could do this and then press any number of treadle combinations to produce mor complex structures etc.

        Am I correct in thinking I Cannot do this on a Countermarch loom?

        Is there another way around it if this is so?

        Thoroughly enjoying the Guild and Workshops.  Have been looking for something like this for a long time.

        Thanks Jane and Co


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        kathleen ready

          Ah ha! You may have answered a ? I had about my loom. It is a Finlandia and is set up for countermarch, but it came with all the bits and pieces to turn it into a counterbalance loom. Maybe that is why.

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            Hi Linda & Kathleen,

            I found this on JST Helpline


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            Carol Lansinger


              I have a delta loom and have a difficult time telling which shaft I am going to tie up to.  Are there any helpful hints on how to be efficient in the identification of a shaft to tie up to?  With 12 all crammed together I can spend hours on the puzzle.  I need help!

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              Carol Lansinger

                Discovered older video of Jane showing how to get the shafts in line using the pin and now I can see how the lams match up as well as the ties.  I think I am good now.  I like the recommendation of getting each end of the loom up on a crate so that it is off the floor for large tie ups on the Delta so that I am not crawling on the floor.

                Love these old videos. – really helpful.



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