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      Kathryn Steely

        I am trying to wind on my first cotton boucle warp and am having trouble with the threads catching on each other as they move through the lease sticks.  Once past the lease sticks, the warp is wonderfully organized and winding on beautifully but I wonder if there is a trick to doing this?  If one removes the lease sticks, it seems like the boucle yarn will wind onto the back beam in a disorganized way and I will need to deal with tangles as the warp unwinds during the weaving process. Thoughts?

        Thank you!


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          Have you spread your warp across your raddle to be at the full width you are going to have it in your reed?  Your sett for boucle in the warp should be around 12 epi.  Boucle isn’t going to be quite as smooth as warping with 8/2 cotton but with care, it should work.

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          Patty Tomaso

            I am also trying to wind on my first boucle warp. I put the lease sticks in and threaded through the raddle, 6 strands in each space, for 22″ and 242 ends. So many threads have broken as I began to wind on! Now I am trying to figure out how to salvage the threads as it is a really long, 91/2′ warp…, please! I can’t figure out where I went wrong…..


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            Kathryn Steely

              I was able to finally get the full 9.5 yard boucle warp onto the back beam and discovered a couple of things along the way:

              1) I spread the warp out even wider in the raddle as Sandy suggested and this did help some.

              2) I separated my lease sticks more to give the cross a bit more openness.

              3) I had originally measured out my warp in three big warp chains and so with 262 ends, that is a lot per chain.  I ended up separating these out much more as well on the front side.

              4) I spent a lot of time on both sides of the loom separating threads, easing catches, etc. and ended up winding on very slowly, six inches at a time so as to avoid tangles.

              Patience is very important!  I was tempted to abandon the project on several occasions but in the end, worked at it slowly and eventually got the entire warp onto the back beam.  I have had absolutely no trouble from that point forward.  12 epi is my sett by the way…

              I can imagine using boucle again, now that I know what to expect, though I might elect to use a shorter warp or, from the outset, divide the warp into many small warp chains rather than larger bunches.  I have two more towels to go yet on the loom before removing it and washing.  I am curious to see what I have at that point…good luck on your project!


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