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      Lorelie Lenaour

        Help! I have just completed a beautiful pearl on pearl bambu 12 gauge shawl. Now that it is off the loom I can see a visible line of colour change in the warp. How can I soften the colour so this change does not show? I want this shawl to be a gift for my daughter in law that she could wear on her wedding day!

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          Oh how frustrating, Lorelie!  I wish there was some magic way this could be changed.  I can think of lots of ways while you are still weaving it but ………  Do you have a sample piece of the scarf?  I’m a dyer and a friend, who also dyes, has used hair colour remover if she wants to remove colour from protein yarn.  I have NO idea if this would work on cellulose yarn Or what the result would be, but it might be worth a try IF you have a sample to try it on.

          Can you just call it a design element 😏, I’ll bet it won’t even be noticeable when it’s wrapped around her shoulders. What a lovely gift you have created, one that will wrap your daughter-in-law in love from you.

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