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      Judy Xander

        Hi. I just joined the Online Guild and just watched season 1 today. I have been weaving for about 5 years but only get about 4 warps a year on the loom as I dont have a lot of weaving time available. Warping started off as traumatic but has gotten better the last year or so. I realize now, after watching Season 1, that my issues stem from not winding a good warp! Eureka!! I honestly didnt think all the slight imperfections in the wind caused the major trauma that I had with warping. ugh! I am excited to try a new warp!

        I am currently ready to wind a warp for towels in Strickler #728. I want to change warp colors frequently, like at  4 – 7 – 9 – 15 threads. Some on even and some on odd numbers.

        How do I best wind this warp but have it be tidy an and even and a “Good” warp? Do I tie every color change? It seems like the answer to this is “yes”. Or can I “park” a color and pick it up later?

        Any and all suggestions would be great!! Thanks!!


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          I wish I could tell you that parking your colour change is a good idea but …… in my experience, you get more even tension across your warp by tying on your new colour, every time it changes.  So really, you answered your own question, Judy!

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