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      Paula Hiatt

        I was advised by my local weaving supply store that 8/4 carpet warp was the “same” as 8/4 cotton as far as the end result (and it’s less expensive). What are your thoughts on this?

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          Hi Paula,

          We use regular 8/4 cotton for a carpet warp as well!

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            Carpet warp is wound a bit tighter than plan 8/4. Plan 8/4 is a bit loftier and bloomed a bit more when I used it for overshot than carpet warp. But I’ve used mayville’s  cotton 8/4 carpet for warp as well as baby blankets and towels and it works just fine.

            the cotton poly 8/4 is much stiffer and great for carpets but not when you expect the softness of cotton.

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              Prior to joining the JST guild and using her products, my only exposure to 8/4 cotton was the Maysville carpet warp. I found it to be relatively stiff, even after washing and was not super happy with it for baby blankets. However, for the twill episodes I ordered the 8/4 from Jane and was happily surprised to find that it is more loosely plied and has a nice hand to it in comparison.  I never knew there was a difference, but there is and whether or not it matters to me is what the fabric would be used for.  And I find the price to be the same.


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              Paula Hiatt

                Thank you for all the input! It helps this toddler weaver tremendously.

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