Broken floating selvedges on a boundweave rug

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      Kathryn Messer

        Hello fellow weavers,

        I’m working on a boundweave rug that is under a great deal of tension. I doubled my floating selvedges (linen warp) but it broke on both sides. I’m no novice when it comes to fixing broken warps, but not sure how to go about fixing a floating selvedge since it is right on the very edge of the rug. Do I simply treat it the same as a regular broken warp and weave it in when I’m finished?

        Any help is appreciated!




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          Hi Kathryn, I’ve never woven a rug, but I’ve used lots of floating selvedges.  I would fix the broken thread, the same way I would fix any other broken warp thread, but I’d want to figure out what was creating the problem.  Have you had a look through the JST Knowledge Base, to see if you might get some insight as to why this is happening?   Keep us posted.

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          Nina Kennedy

            I had exactly the same thing happen to me recently when weaving a Krokbragd rug. I treated it the same as a regular broken warp. Since I discovered it pretty quickly I just wove for a few inches without the broken selvedge threads and then when I had enough of the selvedge warp threads to pull forward I attached them with a pin and then kept on weaving. I wove in the ends when off the loom. Admittedly there was a noticeable wobble on the selvedge edge at this place in the rug when I took it off the loom, though. My teacher told me the reason it happened was because I was not advancing the temple as frequently as I should have (and yes I definitely needed a temple for this project) and I was not bubbling the weft enough. Once I started doing these 2 things as I should I did not have any more broken selvedge threads.

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