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      Trudie Folsom

        Happy New Year.  Thank you for the wonderful bonus hemming video, Jane and crew! Jane, you asked that we add ideas/suggestions in the forum. Well, I recently learned a tip from a Ravelry weaving forum about hemming dish towels: Use a tailors clapper to get edges so crisp when you steam press that you don’t need to pin before you sew on the machine. I’d never heard of a tailor’s clapper. They are available online, but instead of buying one, my wood working husband made one for me out of a chunk of scrap oak. Well, let me tell you it works! There are a couple YouTube videos that show how they work. Thanks again. Looking forward to your 2018 videos.

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          If you look at Jane’s video you can see at one point that her presser foot on her sewing machine is pushing the top fabric forward in a small bubble.  If you can lower the presser foot pressure on your sewing machine then this will help that.  Not all machines have the ability and it is something most of us have not even considered but check your manual it is always worthwhile especially when sewing over thicker fabrics.

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            This is great gals…thanks for posting.  Like I say at the beginning, I’m not an expert at sewing, I do okay :).  I wanted to do this because there are so many new young weavers coming into my life and they have no sewing skills at all.  They didn’t get home-ec in school or didn’t learn at home like I did.  I feel so blessed to have had a Mom who taught me so many basic skills, but it was a different age.   I hope everyone will post their ideas….or maybe pictures…pictures help so much.  I’m laughing to myself at this moment because I don’t know how to post a picture on here!!!   But as I was saying…..I wanted to keep it simple using simple tools, simple sewing machines (mine is 35 years old), things that most of us have access to.  Please keep the content coming, this is what I want to have happen over here in the forum…all of us talking and sharing ideas.


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              where can I find the bonus video?

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              Trudie Folsom

                Thanks for the suggestion to add photos, Jane! Here’s a picture of a Tailor’s Clapper. And here’s a link to a video about how to use one.



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                Maureen Janda

                  I tried the clapper trick, Trudie, and it really does produce crisper hems. I actually just used a clean scrap board from my husband’s stash, which was fine and easier to store. Thanks for the tip.

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                    re: top layer getting pushed forward by presser foot: An excellent seamstress friend of mine showed me a few tricks.  One that stuck with me is using a blunt darning needle to keep the top layer moving the same speed as the bottom.  You just sort of poke it into the cloth pushing it towards/under the presser foot. Also she said to keep one finger behind the presser foot.  I really should try hand stitching though–it is SO classy looking.

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                      Just found in www this old encyclopedia from Therese Dillmont




                      There sure we will find some great ideas for nonusual finishing ((-:

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