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        I have tried all of the suggestions to balance my weave on the color and weave gamp, but am unsuccessful.  I think my beater just isn’t strong enough, and when I pull it toward myself (after beating), the back loom legs lift off the floor but no real additional improvement is seen!  (You should see that!  Hah!)  Are there any ways to increase the beater weight, or is this just something I have to live with using this loom?  Thanks!

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        kathleen ready

          What is your epi, and what type of loom do you have? My suggestion would be to lower your epi. I know when weaving rugs some weavers add weight to the beater,  but you shouldn’t have to with cotton.

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            You’ve got me puzzled, Martha!  Could your tension be too tight?  Are you placing enough weft in the shed for it to lay against the fell when you “beat”?  You certainly shouldn’t be lifting the back of your loom off the floor!  Have you gone back and reviewed Season 1: Episode 3.3 – Good Weaving Technique – Play the Loom?  What kind of loom to you have?


            Kathleen and I were trying to problem solve at the same time!  😉

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                This happened to me when I advanced the warp too far … the beater couldn’t hit the cloth

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                  I did review the first season again Sandra.  I do keep a pretty tight tension on the warp.  I’ll try to relax it a bit and see if it helps.  When I say the legs lift off the floor, it’s when I’m simply pressing the weft further into it’s place after beating open then closed.  I’ve never considered balanced weaving before, so maybe I’m just trying too hard.  Hah!  Thanks for the advice everybody.

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                  What kind of loom do you have Martha?

                  I had the same problem with the first sample with 8/2 cotton sett at 18epi. I tried everything I could find online–looser tension, tighter tension, beating harder, beating softly just placing the weft, beating with an open shed, beating with a closed shed, beating on an open shed then beating a second time on a closed shed… the best I could do was 16ppi. I have a smallish table loom, and think it’s just the loom–the beater is light, and doesn’t travel too far. I can get a balanced weave at 16epi no problem, and have always done fine with the scarves I normally weave (with finer yarn). But trying to get a balanced weave with the cotton at 18epi was very frustrating.

                  I just decided to live with a less than perfect weave and my towels turned out quite usable.

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                      Yes, 16 is the best I’m doing also, Joanne.

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                    Beth Napper

                      I had the same problem when I first started weaving the samples and then on Jane’s last video “at the loom” (17:40 mins.)she said if you are not getting the right number of picks per inch when you beat put pressure on the beater not beat harder. Bingo! It worked for me! Good luck.

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                      Maureen Janda

                        Yes, I did the same as Beth. When I tried to double beat, with emphasis on the “beat”, the beater on my David just bounces off without much result, but when I did as Jane suggested in one of the videos – step on treadle, throw shuttle, beat on open shed, close the shed, then squeeze the beater against the closed shed- it worked. I could see that final rather gentle squeeze move the thread closer to the previous pick, and I got 18epi.

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                          Struggling with this a bit too as a new weaver….averaging 16ppi with 18 epi. Also my shed is not always fully opening and I sometimes skip a thread or my boat shuttle gets “stuck” half way across the throw. I feel like these two problems are related…. maybe too much tension on the warp? Will try loosening a bit for my next towel.  It seems to happen mostly at the reed stripe where it sleyed with 3 in a 2/2/2/3 in an 8 dent reed….I do like the reed stripes tho!

                          I am looking for the negative space and finding it a bit harder to see with this slaying as well…any tips?



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                              Hi Teresa,

                              It could be your tension causing it.  Do you feel the warp is looser where the floats happen? Your shuttle should go smoothly through your open shed without getting caught.  When you have your shed open, do you see any threads loose?  Also, are your harnesses moving together evenly when your step on a treadle?

                              If it’s hard to see the negative space, try aiming for 18 picks to the inch, measure it a few times to see if you’re getting the right amount of picks.

                              Love your colours by the way!

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