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        Hi…I have a super simplistic question. I’ve been weaving for a year and thanks to Jane my warps go on so smoothly and look beautiful! But there has been twice, including the last time I chained the warp off the warping board where I have no clue how I did it, but when I lay the chain onto the loom and and try undoing the chain, I can’t do it for somethings backward!

        So I’m stuck literally unwinding the entire chain by going in and out the chain in reverse order. I think I must be some kind of magician to be able to do this…I just wish I was a better magician so I could snap a finger and have it unchain the proper way! :))

        I know the problem is with how I start the very first chain. Normally I twist it right and everything works correctly. But other times I’m thinking I’m twisting it right and it turns into a minor catastrophe. Fortunately both times this happened the chains were only 5 yards or so and I was able to unchain it successfully. But it still messes with the threads slightly and I notice it when threading the heddles.

        I’m starting the twist with my right hand and pulling it through the left hand and then continuing. I’ll watch Jane’s videos again but thought I’d ask to see if anyone has this problem before and what to look for.

        Thanks so much!!!

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          I had that problem too a few times. To avoid it, I test my chains now at the beginning. Start to chain, check if it opens the way you want it, if not start again. It still happens, that I do it wrong, but that way I don’t have to unchain the entire chain. 🙂

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            Scarf-ChainThanks so much for the tip Yezemin! I took some cheap yarn and on the left I made a chain to practice with. I chained it over and over. I think I may have figured out what I was doing wrong. Before I got my new warping mill, I was using a warping board. I was using both hands to make the chain, alternating each hand for the chain to prevent a twist. I’m pretty sure in doing so, occasionally I was making a knot rather than a chain! :)) Mind you, I’ve made lots of chains and only had two that failed.

            I watched Jane’s video over and over, and in practicing this it seems the trick is to just pick the chain up and over the warp and pull through. Since I’m using a warping mill twisting isn’t an issue so I use the same hand over and over. And now with every chain I make I do what you mentioned and I can see how the end will pull out nicely. Unraveling my practice chain over and over really helped! Hmmm……didn’t Jane mention something like that in one of her videos?!! :)))

            The chain on the right will be my new scarf. I’m using the same pattern as in the Michelle’s Zephyr scarf but am experimenting with different colors. I really loved how the one from the kit felt so I now have some 1 lb cones of Zephyr to play with!

            Happy weaving!!

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