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        I’ve wound a multiple color warp with many little color changes, sometimes using two threads together.  In winding on the warp I am finding lots of crossed threads, and had trouble winding the warps together to wind them on the loom from back to front.  I think I put too many threads on the warping board at one time, but how do I combine them to get a smooth wind on as I do this by myself?  jthespinner

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          I too have the problem with tangled warp threads.  Can you tell me what causes this and how to remedy the problem? Yikes!  What a mess.   Thanks.

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            It all starts with Season 1: Episode 1 – Making a Good Warp.  Have you had a chance to go back and review that Episode?  Keeping your warp under tension is essential when warping BTF or FTB.  I wish I could help you sort things out but learning good technique really is the answer.  I’ve created situations like you are describing ☹️ and now I only wind back to front on both my looms.  The only thing I can suggest is go back and review the relevant episodes from last year to see if you can pick up any tips from Jane that might help.  Good luck to both of you and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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