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      linda pelech

        I am using back to front method for the 1st time. When placing threads on the raddle how do I distribute them? My item is Jane’s  favorite tea towel.  Its 24 inches wide. Epi is 18. So I divide in half to 12 inches from middle. Then do I use epi to put threads in? So 18threads every inch? My raddle is in 1 inch incriminates

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          Yes, that is exactly the way I do it. Have fun!

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          Ed Chapman

            I remain terrified of front to back warping…

            I have learned that if you get the warp perfectly centered in the raddle, and if you center your threaded reed on your beater bar by sliding it left or right slightly, and center your tied ends on your cloth beam and make sure the width on the cloth beam is exactly the same as the width in the reed, then your selvedges will almost take care of themselves.

            Exactly how wide the warp is in the raddle matters much less. The heddles and reed will keep it tidy.

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