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        I have only used the front to back method for warping my loom.  When I watched the warping video Jane shows that her apron bar is only attached on each end.  Is this what I need to do on my Schacht also?  My apron bar is currently attached with a long piece of texsolv cord that loops around the bar several times.  Any tips for warping a Schacht back to front would be appreciated.

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        kathleen ready

          Heidi, I have a Baby Wolf and I warp back to front.  With Janes’ video you will see that she lashes with an extra cord on to the back rod after putting the warp on(with the Spring) because,  I think its a metal rod. Metal rods tend to bend under tension and will cause bowing and this will be reflected in your weaving.

          If you have the wood rod for your back rod (which is what the Baby Wolf comes with), it will not bow or bend and so the 5 texsolv cords will be fine. Also I have a home made raddle that I attach to the top of the loom. I use bull clips  front and back (clipped to the top of the wood shaft) to keep it in place.

          I love my Baby Wolf. It’s a breeze with dressing the loom.

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              Thank you Kathleen.
              When I rewatched the video the process was clearer to me.  I’m glad to hear that warping back to front works well on a  Schacht.  I had been told by several weavers that front to back works best on these looms.

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              ​Before my current David loom, I had a Mighty Wolf that I warped B2F. I found a photo of how I used to tie onto the third (extra) wooden Schacht back apron rod with snap rings and a little bit of Texsolv cord.

              I learned the technique from Madelyn van der Hoogt, the former Handwoven editor and now founder/teacher of the Weaver’s School in WA state (I’ve attended two class series there):

              She recommended 1/2″ snap rings; she found them at Ace Hardware. I ended up using 3/4″ snap rings (called “gate rings”) which I found on Etsy (no luck in local/hardware stores).

              I now have a metal rod with the David and use Jane’s technique for attaching with just a loop of Texsolv cord.

              ​FYI, there is no concern regarding the gap that is created between the actual apron rod and the extra apron rod for B2F warping. I used one ring at either end, and if the width of the warp in the reed is more than 18″, I put one in the middle (as you can see in my photo).

              snap rings 2snap rings 1

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              Marieta Francis

                I’m new to the online Guild.  I own a Schacht Baby Wolf and also learned from Madelyn van der Hoogt.  Where do I find Jane’s video that you refer to regarding warping the BW loom?

                Thank you

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