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        I’m reposting here. I don’t know what I was posting to before but from here, I can get notified with replies!

        I’m rewatching and reviewing my notes and making mistakes as I work through sample 1.

        When do you anchor and tuck tails? Always, like in season 1 episode 5.2?

        Around the 7.30 minute mark during Season 2..4 I believe, Jane is weaving her way through sample 1 where she mentioned not tucking because of the white background and not ruining the selvedge.

        I am making lots of mistakes and learning a lot and Jane’s methods have really been a wonder and improved what I learned at the local community college!


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          You posted your question under the video you were watching at the time!  That’s where Ginette answered you 🙂.  Here’s what she said:

          What Jane means in this part is she wasn’t going to carry the thread up the sides as she wanted a clean selvedge. That said, she did tuck her tails with each beginning and ending of colour changes. You do want to do that as well to secure the threads. Carrying the thread up the sides, if you want to see what that is, watch this little bit from Season 1, Episode 3. – carrying weft thread up the side when using colour changes 3.3, 20:12

          Sometimes you want to use it, and sometimes not. On a white dominant warp, those colour threads to show up more when carried up and sometimes that looks ok too. It’s what you like in the end. I would start tucking your tails though whenever you change colour, white or the others.

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              Thank you Ginette and Sandra!  I will start anchoring and tucking away!

              Samplers are great! Learning through trial and error!


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