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        Could you suggest an alternative to Harrisville Shetland ?  Something a bit softer and less scratchy?  Thanks.

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          I am also looking for an alternative as I haven’t seen it for sale in the UK.

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            I love Zepher Wool/Silk and it is sooo soft.  Merino yarn is also softer.  The Zepher Merino and Zepher Wool/Silk that Jane carries are slightly finer than the Harrisvile Shetland but both work as shrinkers – if that’s what you are looking for.

            Jacqueline – you should be able to get your hands on some fine merino (not superwash!)

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            Ellen Black

              what is your use final use going to be?   And what sett is a consideration as well.

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              kathleen ready

                I sometimes buy merino wool from a knitting store. Just keep the yards per lb. approximately the same.

                Harrisville 1800 yds per lb. and Fine or super fine weight wool is about the same. I wouldn’t buy sock wool as its treated and may not bloom as much in washing.

                What ever you choose, if you go outside Janes’ supplies, do a sample. Each wool type/brand will full differently.




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                  Thank you Sandra, yes I can get Zephyr and Jaggerspun Merino.  Many thanks.

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                  Haydn Sinclair

                    No need to look for alternatives any more. If you want to use the genuine article then Wonky Weaver in the UK now stocks both Harrisville Designs Shetland and Highland in 1/4lb cones. I know they are trying to stock the entire range of colours too! Hope that helps. Oh and they can ship anywhere in the EU too.

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