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      Ed Chapman

        Can a handwoven silk item with contrasting colors be gently washed and dried without losing bright colors? I have read vastly different views about this and decided Jane would have an answer. I can’t really convince myself its OK to make an item from such an expensive fiber and then have two dry clean it.

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          Hi Ed, you caught me preparing silk for dyeing!  If, the silk isn’t one I’ve dyed myself – another passion I have is natural dyeing – I would wash it gently after I’d taken it off the loom, using a “colour collecting sheet” in the sink.  I haven’t had a problem with JST silk, but I haven’t used any other commercial silk.  Let the scarf soak a bit, keeping an eye on it to see if the water changes colour and is absorbed into the sheet.  Jane gives some tips in the product listing below.

          Dr. Beckmann Color & Dirt Collector

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