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        I’m taking the plunge to explore 8-shaft weaving for the first time. What I am having trouble with is finding a nice beginner 8-shaft project.

        Looking for books/patterns that have 8-shaft pattern designs. I don’t really want to wind hundreds of threads and I use an Ashford table loom.

        Could anyone suggest some good books/patterns I can start out with? There are tons of designs for 4-shaft, but finding 8-shaft is sparse, or I’m just being picky. 🙂

        I have lots of 8/2 cotton and cotton/linen blend to work with.



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          Well, Nancy …. your wish will come true in Season 5: Episode 1!  Jane will be taking us down a rabbit hole with 8 Shaft Turned Twil structure – a magical twill with soooo many possibilities.  Also, don’t forget to keep time on your loom for the magic of 4 shaft laces next year – there are still so many possibilities on 4 shafts 😉  However, to feed your curiosity – one book in my library is “A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns” edited by Carol Strickler.

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            I love the Strickler 8 shaft book and I also have an Ashford 8S table loom. I want to suggest that you get the treadle kit, you’ll need the stand too. It provides a direct tie to shafts 1-4, allowing you to use your feet for those 4 shafts and then your hands for shafts 5-8. Makes it so much quicker. I also use IWeaveIt for my iPad to change all the tie-ups to a lift plan which works for table looms or any direct tie up. It’s a cheap program and there’s an add-on for treadle tracking.

            Have fun!

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