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      Dawn Severson

        I’m trying new yarns!  My first try with 8/4 cotton was in placemats with warp prominent 8/2 cotton.  Then I did some overshot with 8/4 as pattern.  Listening to Jane talk about how wonderful 8/4 would be at 12 epi, I decided to try it with several wefts.  I thought I would get a reasonable soft fabric with 8/4 warp and weft.  First, I could only beat plain weave with 10 ppi.  After wet finish, wash and dry, it is firm fabric.  No negative space.  Should I be 10 epi? Just want absorbent soft hand towel.  I did try 16 epi with 8/2 cotton and woven with 8/4 weft and light beat, leaving negative space.  That was soft and absorbent, but a little too loose.  Thoughts? Yarn notes say 12 for sett.

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          You don’t say what weave structure you are using, Dawn.  It makes a big difference 😉  Also, changing the weight of the weft will change the sett as well.  Have you done any ruler wrapping to get the sett you need when you weave 8/4 with a different weft?

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