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Worms in my cotton chenille blanket

I am a beginner weaver and I just finished a cotton chenille blanket.  Unfortunately after a very gentle wash (no spin).  And drying the blanket wormed – badly!  I’ve ironed and blocked it as best I could but ……….. Not sure what to do about the worms. Is it fixable?

That is a real shame.  Chenille worms if it is not sett close enough in the warp and not woven balanced (same ends per inch and picks per inch).  If sett properly it does not  worm. I hate to tell you this….it probably isn’t fixable.  Using the dryer too much will just make things worse because the dryer sucks fibre out of cloth.  Whatever is in the lint trap used to be part of your cloth, so the dryer will make the cloth thinner.  Do you know what the yardage per pound was for your chenille, what did you sett it at and what were your picks per inch?   At least you we can figure out where you went wrong and learn from it.