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White cords jumping out of place after beating

I am experiencing a problem with my Jane table loom that two other members in my guild who have Jane table looms are also experiencing.  When a weft thread is shot and the fiber is beaten into place, the beating process causes the white cords that hold the harnesses to jump out of place on the black roller that keep the cords separated.  Is there something we can do to correct this problem?

One of the great things about the Jane Loom is the distance you can weave before advancing your warp.  It sometimes makes us forget about ‘sweet spot’, that place in the front of your loom that is the best place to be weaving.  The elastic cords underneath each harness are responsible for bringing your shafts down but as you weave closer and closer to the beater you will notice that when you open your shed, the warp will actually lift all the harnesses higher because the elastics stretch.  When the warp lifts, it loosens the white cords and they slip off their rollers.  The best solution to your problem is to advance your warp more frequently and avoid weaving too close to your beater.  Sometimes my cords jump rollers but that won’t hurt anything.  On new Janes you may have to tighten your white cords a few times until they get a little wear.  With a little wear they get some grip.