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Weaving with thick and textured yarns

I am about to weave a soft draped shawl in plain weave.  The warp is a 2 ply wool and the weft is a thick/thin slub merino single.  My question is about sett, over one inch of wraps = 4, over five inches the wraps = 5.6/inch.  I want to take into account the shrinkage of the merino and the wool, so I’m leaning towards the 4 epi.   Which do you think would be better to choose?

Do you happen to know what the yardage per pound is on both your warp and weft? That will help me with the decision.

The 2 ply wool warp is 600 yards / lb, the thick/thin slub singles weft is 250 yds / lb…

That is one fat yarn.  I think you are bang on with 4.  I used to sett Riverstone at 5-6 and it was 870 yds per pound.