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Weaving with a sticky warp

I’m trying to use a rough single spun Himilayan silk in my warp, but its really grabby.  Is there anything you can suggest that I could apply to the warp  threads to make it a little less sticky?

There are two things that come to mind.

#1.  Make sure your lease sticks are out.

#2.  You could make your sheds from a skeleton tie-up.  For example if you are weaving plain weave or twill, tie- up your treadles singley.  A treadle tied to 1, a treadle tied to 2, a treadle tied to 3 and a treadle tied to 4.  If you are weaving tabby, step on 1 then 3, beat, leave your beater against the fell of the cloth and then step on 2 and then 4…..that will move the warp threads independently and you should find everything less sticky. Same for twill, step on 1 and then 2, throw, beat, leave the beater against the fell, then step on 2 and then 3 etc. These rules hold true for Mohair weaving as well.