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Warp stripes more dominant than the weft stripes in Plainweave – why?

I am a member of a weaving study group in Halifax.  Our members took Jane’s Colour and Design workshop held in Halifax.  When studying our design samples, we noticed (specifically in the plain weave asymmetrical design) that the warp stripes were more dominant than the weft stripes.  Why?  Would the same thing happen in a balanced twill?

Well, that is a very good question and I’m not entirely, absolutely, perfectly sure about this, but here is my theory: The warp is under more tension than the weft while weaving so when you look up close at how much of each thread is showing we see more warp. The weft does more dippy, divey stuff and gets hidden more.  We have come to this conclusion because it happens in balanced twills too.  I hope this helps and I’m glad you are studying your samples.