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Warp-faced scarf in Plainweave?

I am using Variegated Bambu 7 sett at 24 epi.  I am trying to obtain a warp-faced scarf using plain weave.  Originally I set it at 20 epi and used Bambu 12 for weft but found it was not giving me the desired look of the variegated.  I resleyed to 24 epi.  Using the Bambu 12 for weft again, I have tried spacing my picks at different ppi.  Closely, (20 ppi) it seems to want to be a stiff fabric.  More open (12 ppi) the weft shots look they will move. I am unsure of the spacing for my weft.  Any suggestions?

You have to get your balance back.  What were you picks per inch when your warp was sett at 20 epi?  All of the warp predominant scarves that I have done have been completely balanced.  For example, my warp predominant chenille scarves were 15 epi with 15 ppi in a very fine silk.  I have just done a wrap with the 7 gauge bamboo leaving only enough space between the wraps to fit in a 12 gauge bamboo and I think you should be setting the warp between 18 -20 epi and beating 18-20 ppi in the fine weft.  You never ever know what the finished product is until you wash it.  Can you squeeze enough out of your warp to do a little sample?

It never occured to me to be balanced for warp-face!  I decided to sample and have a shorter scarf that I am happy with.  Firstly, I kept it at 24 epi and weaved 24 ppi.  Resleyed at 20 epi and kept it balanced.  I much prefer the 20 epi, it is softer than 24 epi and it looked so much better.  I washed both samples and, again, the 20 epi is gentler to the touch and not stiff at all like the 24 sampler.  It also kept it’s shape.  Samples are still drying, but I’m quite happy with the outcome so far. Thank you kindly for your advice!  I am excited to weave the scarf and looking forward to working with this gorgeous Bambu that I have in my stash and been afraid of trying! By the way, I am using your Mountaineer Verigated with the Carob as the weft.  The colours are just amazing 😉

Yahoo!  A balanced cloth has the best bias and that is where drape comes from.