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Tweaking a Hollandia

The Hollandia is a great loom and it is known for the wonderful big sheds that all Louet looms have when they are assembled correctly.

#1.  Do you have the instruction manual that came with the loom.

#2.  When the blocking pin is in at the top of the loom these are the measurements of the harnesses and lamms. Here are the measurements from the floor up.

Bottom of lower lamm 16 1/4″

Bottom of upper lamm 24 1/2″

Bottom of lower harness bar 27″

Bottom of upper harness bar 40 3/4″

If they are out by 1/8″ or so, it won’t matter. You should have 2 different lengths of texsolv cords for your tie-up.  The long ones are for the upper lamms and the short ones are for the lower lamms.  The long upper lamms come in front of the matching lower lamm.  ie.  If you put a long cord on upper lamm 1 it should come in front  of lower lamm 1 to attach to the treadle. If you don’t have a copy of the instructions you can download one from this link http://www.louet.nl/images/instructies/nlp/Hollandia_EN.pdf