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Treadling tips for the Janet Phillips Sample Blanket

From a discussion on Ravelry on the ways to treadle the Janet Phillips Sample Blanket, from her book “Designing Woven Fabrics”,  without getting more grey hair!

Well, I will weigh in on a bit of this gamp weaving. I bet that most of you have 8 shaft looms with 10 treadles.  If so you can forgo the skeletal tie-up (which is a great idea, but requires very careful weaving and always using 2 treadles at once). But if you rearrange a few things you can do most of the gamp with just a couple of tie-up  changes.

Treadling version # 1 and 2 require a 2/2 twill and p.w. (plain weave).

Treadling version # 5-35 all use a 2/2, so if you were to weave 1,2,5-35 you could do them all with the 2/2 and so does #39. Label each one with the appropriate number. It really doesn’t matter if you weave them out of sequence as long as you know which is which. Then you would have to change your tie-up. With 10 treadles you can have 2 for p.w (I would put them right in the middle) and then you could have your 3/1 twill to the left and your 1/3 twill to your right.  You could then weave, treadling verson #3,4,40-50.

The only one that we haven’t been able to do this way was #36, which would require the skeletal tie-up.  That is what I would do to make a simpler way to treadle the Sample Blanket.

If you only have a 4 shaft loom with 6 treadles you can still proceed up to 39 this way and then you would need to go to your skeletal tie-up.  Hope this makes sense.