Toggle issue on “new to me” Jane Loom

Hoping someone can help me with a shed problem on my Jane.

I purchased my loom and stand used. The loom is in excellent condition overall, and has the upgraded rollers. My problem is related to the lifting action of the toggles.

When I begin to flip a toggle down, the shaft rises as expected. However, when the toggle goes all the way down, the cord slides into the toggle’s slot and the shaft slips down a bit. I could live with that, but unfortunately, there’s a big difference between the amount of slip. There’s not much on shaft 1, then an increasing amount of slip as you go up to shaft 8………………

It’s wonderful when a fellow weaver and solve their problem and let us know how they did – so we can share!  Thank you, Rissa.

While waiting for a reply from Louet, I went online and found good photos of the setup process.

Turns out the previous owner had threaded the toggles to the shafts incorrectly. Here’s a photo to explain what went wrong and how I fixed it.