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Jane Stafford Textiles Helpline

This Helpline exists because of Jane Stafford Textiles which can only exist if you support us. Please give us the chance to supply yarn for your projects. Check out our online store. We love to support you – we hope you will support us.

The how-to of simple hemstitching

Beginning of Weaving

Throw two pick of plain weave starting from the right, ending at the right. Then leave a thread 4 times the width of weaving. Then follow the instructions below.

End of Weaving

Throw two last picks of plain weave starting at the right, ending at the right.  Then leave a thread 4 times the width of the weaving.  Then:


Click on the link below for the printable PDF version.  You’ll then be able to print out your own copy to have with you at your loom.

How to Hemstitch