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Skeleton tie-ups on sinking and rising shed looms

Looking at a tie-up plan, how can I tell if it’s for a Jack Loom or otherwise? With the Hollandia or other similar looms, do the short ties represent the marked shaft in the tie up drawing?  

Usually the tie-up box has either an x or an o. If it has an x it is for a sinking shaft loom, like a counter-balance or a Louet David. If it has an o it is for a rising shed loom, like a Jack Loom. I remember it this way. X’s are like anchors and they sink. O’s are like balloons and they rise. On your Hollandia you have 2 sets of lams because it is a counter- march loom. The lower lams are your risers and you upper lamms are your sinkers. I remember that by thinking, hmmmm lower lams, they are down so the only place they can go is up (riser) and if my upper lams are up, then the only place they can go is down (sinkers). So tie your x’s to the upper lams and your o’s to your lower lamms. Hope this makes sense.