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Shafts sticking on Kombo Loom

I am having trouble with three shafts on my loom sticking.  When I treadle any of these shafts the string behind the castle releases however the shaft does not drop.  There appears to be no difference between the strings on these three and any of the other shafts.  And all shafts are in the proper slot.   Any help is appreciated.

Sometimes the metal bars that hold the heddles loosen inside the plastic sleeves that hold them.  I want you to reach down to the bottom of the harnesses and push in on each side of the plastic.  Give each shaft a hug at the bottom and see if they snug in a little.  That is the usual cause and if this doesn’t work send me another e-mail and we can try something else.

Jane, you are a genius!  That made all three work like the other five.